About Us


Pages & Prose started when our admins Bee and Lorryn wanted to create a space were we could support each other, read great books together, and encourage writers within the group. Our main home is on Discord but we wanted a place to showcase and support more of our bloggers and that brings us here to WordPress.

Pages & Prose’s ultimate goal is to be a safe space for people to come in and share their ideas, love for books, and anything that’s on their minds that day. We have an open discourse policy so nothing is off limits as long as it’s said with respect. Someone doesn’t agree with you? No problem! We’re not all same and we can work through it. Someone is harassing you? Don’t worry about that, they won’t be welcome. We want writers and readers of all genders, enthnicities and forms to come and find a place to inspire others and find positivity and love. The only “requirement” and we use that term loosely is we are 18+ on Discord because of the mature content that can be discussed.

You can find a link to all of our platforms on the right.

Stay true to you & happy reading! 💜